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The Hammers_edited.png
One Act COMEDY, Approx. 30 min
Cast of 18+ - 5 Females, 5 Males, 8 Either

0-19 lines:  Male-1, Female-1, Either-3

 20-30 lines: Male-1, Female-1, Either-3

31-49 lines: Male-3, Female-3, Either-2

Crowd may be any number of people who, although they have no official lines, will cheer, yell, groan, eat, drink, text and generally act as if they’re at a baseball game.

Enjoy a day at the ball field!

The Hammers are a minor league baseball team, beloved in their hometown of Hamburg.  Today is Hammer Day, when the local sponsors reward the loyal fans with prizes, so the fans are even more excited than usual.

Bobby, Mickey and Randy are good friends who hang out in the cheap seats and have fun.  Although nothing much happens in the cheap seats, they manage to catch a foul ball and even rescue a damsel in distress.

Sandy and Derek , also fans, were divorced but share custody of their Hammer seats.  Can they  sit together through a whole ball game without driving each other …and everyone else…crazy?

Lou runs the concessions, but has headaches of his own.  Jody is a brand new vendor who seems to have more enthusiasm than sense.  Rosie, Jackie and Ruthie are experienced vendors who are all trying to be top vendor, and who must come up with unique gimmicks to sell more.

Above it all, Bobert and Don are announcers who call the game and try to stay professional no matter what happens.

The Crowd of baseball fans brings excitement and energy to the play, and also serves as a pool of actors to step into other roles in case of emergencies.

 “The Hammers”  features an easily staged Jumbotron for great special effects. 



One Act COMEDY, Approx. 30 min
Cast of 23- 7 Females, 8 Males, 3 Either
45-90 Lines: 1 Female, 1 Male
30-45 Lines: 3 Female, 2 Male, 1 Either
20-29 Lines:  1 Female, 3 Male, 1 Either
 10-19 Lines:  2 Female, 2 Male, 1 Either
0 - 9 Lines; 1 Either

Captain Blackboot and his pirates are looking for their lost treasure, but they have company!  A mysterious castaway, a trio of ornithologists, a reporter and a rival band of female pirates led by Survy Sal are also roaming the island.


Sal threatens that if Blackboot doesn't share the treasure she will use a secret weapon to get it.  Blackboot orders two of his men to disguise themselves as women to spy on Sal and discover her secret weapon.  But the spies' ineptness gives them away and Sal and her pirates take them as prisoners. 

In the meantime, three ornithologists find their own treasure, a pink crested sea duck.  The castaway that has been stealing things finally reveals himself, and a queen, Crazy Queen Cora visits the island and offers a huge treasure to whoever can show her "something interesting".  A chaotic treasure hunt ensues, with everyone trying to find something interesting to the show the queen and win the treasure.  In the end, everybody discovers that the biggest treasure of all is....Family.

The shortened, one-act version of “Blackboot’s Lost Loot”, published by Pioneer Drama Service.



State Qualifier!

One Act Drama, Approx. 30 min
Cast of 23- 8 Females, 9 Males, 6 Either
30-40 Lines: 1 Female, 2 Male
20-29 Lines: 2 Female, 2 Male
10-19 Lines:  4 Female, 4 Male, 2 Either
 0-9 Lines:  1 Female, 1 Male, 4 Either

"This play was very powerful and moving"

The 60's were a decade of great conflict in America.  The Vietnam War and the hippie counter culture were sources of much of this.  CONFLICT is the story of Vietnam vet Bob who suffers from PTSD and flashbacks.  the play starts at a hippie anti-war rally.  Although he is at the rally, Bob soon gets drafted and is torn about what to do.  His girlfriend, Moonbeam, tells him that they will go to Canada.  Instead, Bob goes to Vietnam where he meets other recruits from all across the nation.  Bob and his best friend Joe manage to have some fun, but also face horrors when Joe saves Bob's life, but then is killed.  Meanwhile, the hippie rallies go on, although some hippies are much more committed to the cause than others.  Finally the war ends, but when the soldiers come home, it is to jeers, disdain and insults.  

Years later, Bob and his daughter are at a Veteran's Day parade and are encouraged by a reporter to visit the Vietnam Memorial wall.  Here, in the moving last scene, Bob finally finds peace, touching Joe's name on the wall.

One Act Drama,   Approx. 30 min
Cast of 21: 8 Female, 11 Male, 3 Either 
Extras, doubling possible
31-40 Lines: 1 Female, 1 Male
11-30 Lines: 5 Female, 6 Male, 1 Either
0-10 Lines:  3 Female, 4 Male, 1 Either

"Retreat!  Fall back!"  The play opens with George Washington's Continental army in full retreat....yet again.  It is the brutal winter of 1777.  However, even after Washington leads his army into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the fighting does not end.  Instead of battling Redcoats, the patriots battle sickness, starvation, discouragement and doubt.  

  Teenagers Mary and Lucy, caught up in patriotic fever, decide to take some supplies to the army encampment, hoping to meet some officers.  Instead, they meet with a deserter who attacks them.  An army patrol rescues them, but Lucy is wounded so they are taken to a field hospital where they see deplorable conditions but meet Martha Washington. 

Meanwhile, Major Thomas Conway is seeking to get  George Washington replaced as Commander in Chief and tries to get others, such as the Marquis de Lafayette, to join him.  

Fights, surgeries and an on-stage flogging add action and excitement.  Historical figures add authenticity, and the end is a breathtaking scene that is sure to touch many with patriotic pride.

One Act Drama,  Approx. 30 min
Cast of 15 - 6 Female, 6 Male, 3 Either
 Extras, doubling possible
30-50 Lines:  3 Female, 3 Male
10-29 Lines: 2 Female, 2 Male
0-9 Lines:  1 Female, 1 Male, 3 Either

Frankie Falco is a tough, merciless mob boss, who owns a speakeasy during Prohibition.  Everything seems great at the speakeasy, where people go to drink at a time when alcohol is illegal.  There is music, dancing and drinking.  

Sara Stevens, whose husband died after drinking bad booze at Frankie's speakeasy, is determined to do something about it.  With  the help of Sargeant Malloy, the cop who has been trying to arrest Frankie, Sara becomes a police informant and goes to work for Frankie as a waitress and dancer, but soon runs into trouble with Frankie's girlfriend Mae.

Sub-plots and suspicious people are introduced until Frankie is killed by an unknown person.  Everyone has a motive, and Malloy must find out who killed the gangster boss.   

This play features fun music, costumes and dancing from the 20's, and a simple set that transforms onstage from a dance studio (when cops are present) to a speakeasy.

One Act Comedy,  Approx. 30 min.
Cast of 20-21 -
7 Female, 8 Male, 5-6 Either
30-50 Lines: 2 Female, 3 Male
10-29 Lines: 5 Female, 4 Male, 1 Either
0-9 Lines:   1 Male, 4-5 Either

It is 1928 and the first talking movie has just been made.  Some people love talkies, some think they are just a fad, but very few people know how to make them.

Mrs. Hickenhoofer is the rich, ditzy owner of a studio that is making a silent movie about pirates.  When she sees a talking movie, she decides that Hickenhoofer studios must make a talkie as well.

Mr. Cobb the producer, Francine the director’s assistant, and Julius the director, try to make her see that they can’t turn a silent movie into a talkie, but Mrs. H refuses to listen.  Furious, Julius quits, and Buzz, a handymen who knows how microphones work, takes over as director.  The results are a disaster!  Nobody can figure out what to do with the microphones. Carl the cameraman refuses to work in the small, cramped “sound booth” and Gloria the Hollywood star/diva, finds that her voice sounds ridiculous on film and decides to retire.

Desperate to persuade Julius to come back, Mr. Cobb disguises himself as a gangster and threatens Julius into making the talkie.  Julius comes back and takes charge, but still has no leading lady.

They accidentally find a leading lady - Maria, the wardrobe assistant who speaks Spanish when nervous.  Julius calls for a rewrite of the whole movie, makes Maria a star, and even manages to get Gloria back for a non-speaking cameo – as a ghost!

Features lots of fun, unique characters, swordfighting, and fast-paced plot development.   Production Notes offer costuming suggestions and tips for obtaining and/or making several props.   Silent movie music is available.

One Act Drama,  Approx. 30 min.
Cast of 18
9 Female, 8 Male, 1 Either
30-40 Lines: 2 Female, 3 Male
20-29 Lines: 2 Female, 1 Male
10-19 Lines:  3 Female. 4 Male
0-9 Lines: 2 Female, 2 Male, 1 Either

The true story of Soviet women bomber pilots who flew and fought during WWII.

Nadia and Raisa are friends and teenage pilots who live in the Soviet Union in 1941.  When Germany invades, they join a women’s regiment being formed by the famous Soviet pilot Marina Raskova, and meet girls from all over the country who have come to be pilots, navigators and mechanics.  Marina Raskova and Major Yelena Smirnova must train the girls with inferior equipment and supplies, and often run into trouble with their commander, General Kozlov. 


Meanwhile German soldiers are advancing.  At first they are arrogant, thinking they will crush the Soviet Union and take Moscow without trouble.  Later they find that it is not as easy as they expected, between the Soviet women and the Russian winter.  They begin calling the women “Night Witches” because of the sound their planes make when they glide in to drop bombs.

The women are crushed when Marina is killed in a plane crash.  Her replacement is a man, Major Markhov.  But Markhov is capable and concerned about the girls’ welfare.  He demands much from them and teaches them self-defense.  After countless missions and heartbreak, the invaders are beaten back and the war draws to a close.   

Voice-overs add drama to battle scenes and German soldiers downstage pose a continual threat to the Russian women.  Features an easy-to-build on-stage airplane.

State Qualifier!
Two Fronts
One-Act Drama
9M, 8F, 1 Either, optional extras, doubling
Interior-factory/exterior battlefield
Time: 30 min
Historical Drama

* available through Pioneer Drama Service


Originally written as a competition play, Two Fronts explores the two sides of World War II:  the war front and the home front.  The scourge of war is seen on the battlefield as brave soldiers risk their lives for their country.  Back home, worried wives and mothers pray that they won’t receive grave news about a loved one while they work to keep the factories going and discover what it’s like to do the kind of work that was previously reserved for men alone.  In this emotional one act, we get a glimpse from the viewpoint of the greatest generation as to how and why this war changed the course of America’s history.



State Qualifier!
7M, 6F, 4-5 Either, optional extras, doubling
Set:  Interior 1938 Radio station 
Time: 30 min
One Act Comedy

It’s 1938, the Golden Age of Radio, but things are not so golden at radio station KTSK. Their best show, “Polly in Peril” is plummeting in the ratings. This is mainly due to Benny, their disastrous sound man who manages to play the wrong sound at the wrong time. When a pair of bank robbers hole up in the station one night, Benny and company save the day by impersonating God!

Unsound Effects

* available through Heuer Publishing

The Forge
Blind Tiger
Silver Screen
Night Witches
Two Fronts
Unsound Effects

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LOVE  the script but your cast numbers don't fit - NO PROBLEM!  I will customize any script to fit your casting needs! $50 standard fee, some restrictions apply. 

Click below for more information.

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