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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Welcome to the Owl Creek Scripts Playwright Blog! It’s a little chat about scripts, plays, working with kids, theater in general, and anything else that might be interesting.

Let me start my first ever blog post by introducing myself. I am a playwright. I am also a wife, mom, grandma, farmer and columnist. The playwriting happened after volunteering to “help out” when my youngest daughter was in the all school play at the local high school. “Helping out” led to becoming the assistant director, and couple years later when we were stumped to find a play to fit our cast, I managed to write one.

My first play was “Pistols and Posies” and we did it as our all school play in 2009.

It was amazing and thrilling to see those scenes in my head come to life! (Not so great when the scenes in my head didn’t work…) But just as thrilling was when I submitted it to Pioneer Drama Service and they selected it for publication. It also won the Schubert Freidrich Award for 2009. And I was addicted to writing plays!

After that the head director, Donna, and I wrote “Chaos in Camelot” and then I wrote “Blackboot’s Lost Loot”, which was done for the first time in Kiowa, Colorado by Polly, a lovely lady whom I met because she had done “Pistols and Posies”.

Then Donna decided to quit and I couldn’t take the job, so I thought my playwriting days were over. Then my other daughter, a teacher at the local school, decided to become the One-Acts coach. Once more we needed a play to fit our cast. I wrote “Two Fronts” and we won our conference with it. Again, I was off to the races!

“Two Fronts” and “Blackboot’s Lost Loot” were both published by Pioneer Drama. “Chaos in Camelot” “Unsound Effects” and “Unsound Effects-One Act” were picked up for publishing by Heuer Publishing. I will always be very grateful to these two publishing companies for giving me a start and a boost of confidence!

In 2017 I started my own publishing company, Owl Creek Scripts, to showcase and market my plays. I still serve as assistant director for the One-Act team and enjoy it very much! Working with my daughter and the kids is a treat and we learn something new every year.

So that’s me and that’s my very first blog. If anyone has questions or comments for the blog, send them in! Especially tips for writing a great blog…!

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