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The Western Nebraska Community College Theater Department will present a full length, virtual version of my play, “Night Witches” on on February 26-28!

In case anyone missed it, “Night Witches” is the true story of the Soviet women pilots who flew and fought in combat during WW2.

I wrote the One-Act version last year. It was performed for One Acts competition by high schools Morrill, NE in 2019 and by Bloomfield, NE in 2020.

Happily, the Theater Director from WNCC, Francesca Mintowt-Czyz saw the One-Act version. The first time we met we hit it off, and by the end of the conversation were planning a full length version.

Now things are getting real! I was thrilled to attend a read through/dress rehearsal at the college where we all got a glimpse of what was coming. The set is super, the costumes are amazing, the actors are perfectly cast and Francesca is an absolute dynamo! The ONLY thing disappointing is that it won't be a live play. However, virtual can be very impressive as well. CAN”T WAIT to see the finished product!

REMEMBER,, Feb. 26-28, Western Nebraska Community College, “Night Witches”!

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